Wedding at Montignano Castle

An encounter to Rome, during the years of the university.
A vacation in Umbria to trigger a love at first sight.
A marriage proposal on Christmas Eve.
A love destined to last forever.
Sarah & Sophia.

Getting married at the Castello di Montignano

Sarah comes from the United States, Sophia from England.
What unites them is the desire to study abroad, to get to know the much-dreamed-of Italy, home of poets and writers.
And then love. When they decided to get married, their thoughts immediately returned to Umbria and the shores of Lake Trasimeno, where their passion suddenly exploded.

Organizing the wedding in Italy immediately became an opportunity to plan a new trip together, in search of the landscapes of the heart. And they fell in love again, when they saw the photos of Montignano Castle in Massa Martana.

Same Sex Engagement Trasimeno Lake Umbria

Same Sex Engagement and Wedding in Umbria – Italy

The day of the yes

On the day of their “yes” at Castello di Mantignano, Sarah and Sophia are surrounded by the love of their closest friends, the only witnesses of their intimate and romantic wedding, radiant in their pastel dresses.

It’s time to do make-up, comb your hair, wear your wedding dresses, but also to laugh, joke, have a drink to relieve anxiety. The long-awaited moment is about to arrive and the girls are the protagonists of beautiful photos among the pink flowers, white lace and green all around.
Wedding photographs that fix the memory of a perfect day.

Barefoot from you, to the magical place we chose to exchange our wedding vows.
In Sophia’s eyes, the amazement: everything is exactly as they had dreamed it.
In Sarah’s eyes, the joy: from now on, nothing will be able to separate them.
Like queens of an enchanted castle, they celebrate their love, heedless of the outside world.

Wedding at Montignano Castle
Wedding at Montignano Castle
Wedding at Montignano Castle

Sarah and Sophia chose to get married in the spring in Umbria, because they knew they would have a perfect location for their wedding during this season.

The Celebration

The celebration in the olive grove park surrounding the castle of Montignano was enhanced by the boho chic decorations the brides had requested: natural wood decorations, flowers in delicate colors, and scented candles to light up the wedding table.
Roses, hydrangeas and lavender plants created a magical and intoxicating atmosphere during the dinner, together with the typical dishes of the Umbrian tradition revisited in a gourmet key.

To close, an unforgettable surprise: the fireworks that lit up the sky and the euphoric eyes of brides and guests.

It was a moment of endless joy, shared only with those who have always been there for us.
Our bridesmaids, like fireflies, lit up the night of our wedding.
From here on out, hand in hand, we will go everywhere.
For the rest of our lives.

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