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Spoleto is one of the cities that we have most in our heart! A city of art, beautiful and full of extraordinarily beautiful corners.
In this wedding, among the most engaging photographed in recent years, there is everything: Love, Friendship, Joy, Colors, Flowers, Party.

A real positive emotional bomb !!


We always suggest that oru work is complete only if you let us photograph all day long, including preparations. With this wedding photo shoot in Spoleto we can show you why.
Living with you the intense moments of preparation we can photograph those moments of real Emotion that will be precious over time.

Church of San Pietro extra moenia

The church chosen for the celebration of the Religious rite is San Pietro extra moenia. It is among the most beautiful, spacious and bright churches of Spoleto.
Also in this case, the church greatly helps our work as wedding videographers and photographers in Spoleto.
In fact San Pietro offers us a lot of space to move around. In this way we can create non-trivial photographs without disturbing the celebration. This latter aspect is absolutely fundamental for us.
The long nave offers a breathtaking entrance to the Bride while the Groom has plenty of time to get excited as he watches her approach in the company of his father.
San Pietro extra moenia also offers an extraordinary staircase. Only the Duomo of Spoleto creates a similar suggestion with the staircase in front of the equally spectacular square.

The staircase

As Franesca told me, climbing the staircase of San Pietro is a unique emotion.
The facade of the church opposite, the awareness that the great moment is approaching, the father at hes side and the bridesmaids who support the veil is an unforgettable and engaging experience.
The bright color of the girls’ clothes with the bride and dad in the center is one of those scenes that will always remain in my memory: simply gorgeous!

Chiesa di San Pietro Spoleto - Italy Wedding Storytellers
Chiesa di San Pietro Spoleto - Italy Wedding Storytellers

Creative couple photographs

The couple portraits after the ceremony are also special. We went up to the Sacred Wood of Monteluco with the beautiful Duetto di Gabriele, restored for the occasion and we simply played.
With the wonderful bouquets, curated by the Sartoria Floreale, the veil of the bride, the bridesmaids, a shy and amused groom, we have created truly unique and fun photographs with the green of the forest in the background.

Returning then in the direction of the venue “Il Baio“, where we would then start the party with all the guests, we decided to stop under the towers of the Ponte delle Torri of Spoleto. From there, on the opposite side of the Rocca Albornoziana, we took advantage of the latest light of the day and the lights of the city just turned on for some romantic shots.
The photographs of Francesca and Gabriele framed by the holms of the wood with the Ponte delle Torri as background are beautiful in their simplicity.
They perfectly represent the harmony between the two guys. Simple, strong and authentic.

Reception at il Baio di Spoleto

The reception at the wedding venue “Il Baio” was, once again, a hymn to the real party. Friends, relatives and parents danced and sang for the duration of the outdoor dinner.
Flash mob with the ballet team of Francesca’s school, the first dance surrounded by all the friends and the eyes in love with the newlyweds looking for each other, smiling.
As a wedding photographer, what else do I want more?

Take a few minutes with your future goorm or bride and calmly browse through Francesca and Gabriele’s wedding photographs.
Look at their eyes and those of the people around them. Look for their Emotions and relive their day.
Try searching on Instagram for the hashtag #looktheireyes. It’s our Hashtag for Emotional Wedding Photographs!

The uniqueness of our photographs is all here: they genuinely tell the Emotions and are also … beautiful wedding photographs

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