Wedding photographers in Todi

Wedding photographers in Todi

Wedding photographers and Videographers

in Todi – Umbria

Between the Tevere valley that extends towards Orvieto and the Martani mountains that cover Spoleto there is one of the most beautiful cities in Umbria: Todi.
The light here gently caresses the panorama, it is so exciting to see it resting quietly on the hills that you don’t want to go away anymore.

Todi is perfect to celebrate a romantic and elegant wedding, just like that of Jana and Maurice who came here from Germany to celebrate, with intimacy and taste, their union.

Wedding photographers in Todi - Italy Wedding Storytellers


This is where our work usually begins. These moments are full of emotions, smiles and trepidation and it is important that they are photographed because they will make the story more touching and complete.

Getting married at Tenuta di Canonica

The venue chosen by the bride and groom is an ancient medieval watchtower located a few kilometers from Todi, is surrounded by long rows of olive trees and enjoys a wonderful view of the city. Tenuta di Canonica is a unique location in Umbria for weddings!
For the ceremony a large arch of flowers was set up in the garden in front of the estate and when Jana arrived, in her shining wedding dress, Maurice was so excited that he couldn’t hold back his tears.

They were very intense, moving, magical moments to photograph.

The wind of that day did the rest, in a moment it rose and began to paint enchanting lights and shadows on everyone’s faces, moving the bride’s hair as if she wanted to frame her face.

After the ceremony and the ritual photos with relatives and friends, we took a walk among the olive trees using the light that filtered through them. We then passed by the large cacti that dominate the west wing of the structure until we reached the swimming pool overlooking the Tevere river park.

Usually we leave the bride and groom free to move around during the photo session. We also try to give them a first moment of intimacy after the ceremony and in this way we always manage to have spontaneous, intense and deep photos that excite them over time.

Todi Wedding Photographers - Italy Wedding Storytellers
Wedding photographers in Todi - Italy Wedding Storytellers

The reception

Tenuta di Canonica was also the setting for the reception held under the ivy-filled portico that looks out over the countryside and the historic entre of Todi.
The imperial table, set with the refined contrast of green and pink, gave the environment a welcoming and familiar atmosphere.
The moment of speeches, almost a must for a foreign wedding in Italy, is among the most touching of the day. When the bride and groom, parents and friends get excited, cry and hug each other we capture their emotions forever and in this case a wedding so attended and involving has made everything perfect.

This was the wedding of Jana and Maurice: a day dedicated to love, not only among the bride and groom but among all the guests. Everyone felt involved in a genuine, authentic and intimate atmosphere, even us.

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