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In the vast world of wedding photography, where technical innovation and visual spectacle are often favored, we at Italy Wedding Storytellers distinguish ourselves with an approach that focuses on the essence of emotions and the sincerity of moments.
Our philosophy is based on a twenty-year experience, enriched by international recognition, which testifies to our ability to tell love stories with a unique sensitivity and empathy.


The images you will find here are not just photographs; they are witnesses to unforgettable moments, doors open to the past capable of evoking the most genuine emotions. Through our lens, we capture smiles, tears of joy, and intense gazes, with the intention of offering not only a visual memory but an emotional legacy to be cherished and passed down.

With us, your most beautiful moments become an eternal narrative, an ode to the love that unites.

Our portfolio is the result of a gaze that goes beyond the image, capturing emotions with the soul as well as with the camera, always operating with discretion and sensitivity. We are committed to revealing the authentic essence of the couples, privileging spontaneity and authenticity.

Every shot in our collection is a tribute to true love, from the expressive power of black and white to the vibrancy of color. With us, every moment of your special day is captured with care, transforming into a visual narrative that celebrates love in all its infinite shades.

We, Italy Wedding Storytellers, are here to ensure that the story of your love is told in a way that stands the test of time, becoming a legacy of precious memories for future generations.

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