Wetplate portrait
Imagine stopping time, capturing the essence of an unrepeatable moment with a photographic technique that is pure poetry: the wet plate collodion portrait. This ancient procedure, born in the 19th century, offers images of timeless beauty, where every detail, every nuance of light, becomes the protagonist of a story written with pure silver.

Wet plate collodion photography demands precision and dedication as each image is the result of a unique artisanal process: from preparing the glass or metal plate, to its exposure, and finally to development. Each portrait thus becomes a unique, unrepeatable piece, capturing not only the images but also the essence of the individuals portrayed.

Collodio Umido
Collodio Umido

For loving couples

The period leading up to marriage is filled with expectations, hopes, and dreams. What could be more beautiful than choosing to immortalize these precious moments with an equally extraordinary photographic technique? Wet plate collodion photography thus becomes the ideal choice for couples who desire a unique and emotionally impactful pre-wedding memento.

A wet plate collodion portrait before marriage is a powerful symbol: it represents a promise, a commitment to preserve and protect what one loves.
These images, with their timeless character, tell of deep bonds, of genuine affection, becoming precious testimonies of a love destined to endure. Choosing this technique for one’s pre-wedding photos means wanting to give one’s love a seal of eternity, a tangible memory that will traverse the years, beautiful and unchanged, like the first day.


Why have the experience

Choosing to be photographed using the wet plate collodion technique is much more than just a photography session. It’s an adventure, a dive into a past where photography was considered a true art form.
It means experiencing the thrill of watching one’s own image slowly emerge in the darkroom, discovering the magic of a process that transforms silver and salts into a faithful yet dreamlike representation of reality.

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This unique experience allows one to slow down, to fully live in the moment of creating the image, in an era where everything seems to rush too quickly. The charm of this technique also lies in its unpredictability, in the small ‘imperfections’ that make each photo unique, different from all others. It’s a way to rediscover the beauty of anticipation, of the frozen moment, and to add value to those moments we wish to preserve forever.


If these words have sparked in you the desire to live a unique photographic experience, to own a portrait that is more than just an image, but a true treasure to cherish over time, then it’s time to take action. Book your wet plate collodion portrait today. Don’t let your love, your memories, be captured by anything less than the pure magic of pure silver.
Contact us to discover how we can together create a work of art that celebrates your story, your uniqueness. Be the protagonists of an unprecedented photographic experience that will leave you not only with images, but also with indelible memories, testaments of an unbreakable bond.

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