RetroFrame Memories®

RetroFrame Memories® is an absolute novelty in the world of wedding videography in Umbria!

What is RetroFrame Memories®?

This Umbria wedding video transforms the memories of your wedding into a charming journey through time, recreating the atmosphere and emotion of vintage Super 8 mm films.
It deliberately departs from traditional wedding videos, focusing not on modern cinematic techniques, but on an authentic leap into the past.
It’s a bit like a window into those genuine and joyful moments that often take a back seat but represent the essence of every celebration. A true backstage of emotions in retro style.

Super 8 mm style

To achieve this vision, we use specific techniques that emulate the unique aesthetic of Super 8 mm films.
The result is a black and white video, enriched with a visual grain and those imperfections that emphasize its irresistible retro charm. All accompanied by a soundtrack that takes you back in time and the unmistakable characteristic sound of the projector.

Authentic black and white

Just like the early Super 8 mm films, this video features authentic black and white, textures, and characteristic imperfections of the original reels.
RetroFrame Memories is a tribute to the early films, with low sensitivity, rich grain, and imperfections resulting from home development.

18 frames per second

The 8 mm film was named “Super” because of its 18 frames per second. The modern videos are shot at least at 25 frames per second, and this scarcity of images creates that typical “jerky” effect, which is so fascinating.

Traditional duration

In homage to tradition, the video will have a duration of 3 minutes and 12 seconds, just like vintage Super 8mm reels.

A unique style

retò style

It will be our perspective that guides you on this journey through time. The clips that will bring your Super 8 mm-style video to life will often be shot from your photographer’s point of view, so that the perspective is authentic and always in the midst of the action.

Choose to stand out, to remember your wedding not only through photographs, but by experiencing an atmosphere, a feeling, something truly unique that will arise from your love story and our expertise.

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