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Wedding photographer at Castello di Petrata – Assisi – Umbria.

The Castello di Petrata, nestled in the heart of Umbria and just a few kilometers from Assisi, stands as a preferred choice for European couples dreaming of an unforgettable wedding in Italy. Immersed in a enchanting landscape of olive groves and vineyards, this venue offers a romantic and historical setting to celebrate love.

The symbolic ceremony at the Limonaia of Castello di Petrata in Assisi.

Our adventure begins in the charming lemon house of Castello di Petrata, where the magical atmosphere and soft light create the perfect setting to say ‘yes’. This space, framed by the natural beauty of Umbria and the breathtaking view of Assisi, transforms into a theater of pure emotion, where every detail is curated to reflect the essence and unique style of each couple.

Wedding Photographer at Castello di Petrata, Assisi, Umbria.

A party on the lawn with a view of the Rocca of Assisi.

After the ceremony, guests are welcomed onto the castle’s lawn for an exclusive party under the stars. Here, surrounded by the beauty of Umbria and with an unparalleled view of the Rocca of Assisi, love is celebrated amidst laughter, dancing, and toasts. The atmosphere is enriched by refined cuisine that draws from local produce, offering an authentic and memorable culinary experience.

Castello di Petrata – exclusive wedding venue

The Castello di Petrata is not only a fairy-tale setting but also a unique experience, where exclusivity and personalization are paramount. With its capacity to accommodate up to 175 guests and provide accommodation for 55 people, the castle ensures an intimate and familial atmosphere, allowing the newlyweds to experience their special day surrounded by their loved ones in total privacy.

Wedding Photographer at Castello di Petrata, Assisi, Umbria.

The wedding photographer at Castello di Petrata in Assisi – why choose us?

Choosing Castello di Petrata for your wedding means immersing yourself in an atmosphere of timeless elegance, where history meets nature in one of the most picturesque corners of Italy. Our expert and passionate team will be your wedding photographer at Castello di Petrata, ensuring that every detail is captured. Your memories are precious to us too!

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