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The Tenuta di Canonica – a wedding venue in Umbria

Imagine a place where history intertwines with nature, where ancient Roman walls embrace the lush greenery of Umbria: Tenuta di Canonica is this and much more. Nestled in a timeless natural setting, with breathtaking views of Todi and the Tiber Valley, this estate offers a perfect romantic getaway for lovers who wish to celebrate their love in a place filled with history and beauty. Here, every wedding becomes a narrative, a story that captures the essence of love amid the gentle Umbrian hills and ancient olive groves.

Tenuta di Canonica wedding photographer

Our journey begins with the arrival of guests, welcomed by the warm hospitality of the Estate. The rooms, each with its unique personality, offer modern comforts while retaining the rustic charm and timeless elegance of Umbria. Every corner of the Estate tells a story, from its manicured gardens to the inviting pool, offering the ideal place for moments of tranquility and contemplation before the celebrations.

The ceremony takes place outdoors, under the blue sky of Umbria, with a setup that enhances the natural beauty of the Estate. Our newlyweds, a close-knit and loving couple, exchange ethereal vows under the shade of ancient trees, witnesses to their love. The simplicity and authenticity of their bond are reflected in every detail, creating an intimate and personal atmosphere that welcomes family and friends in a genuine and warm celebration.

The wedding party at Tenuta di Canonica.

The party comes alive with music and laughter, as guests of all ages dance and play in the vast open spaces of the Estate. The restaurant’s cuisine, which combines Italian culinary tradition with the excellence of local products, delights the palates of guests with refined and genuine dishes. The day ends under a starry sky, with hearts full of joy and memories of a perfect day that will remain etched forever.

If you are dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding in Umbria, let our experience and passion for photography tell your love story. Contact us to immortalize your special day at Tenuta di Canonica, where every shot captures the essence of love, beauty, and joy. Your fairy tale begins here, among the Umbrian hills, where love finds its perfect frame.

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