Fotografo di matrimonio a Assisi - Umbria

Wedding photographer in Assisi.



Wedding photographer Assisi – Umbria

Assisi is one of the most beautiful cities in Umbria, known worldwide. Every year, dozens of Italian and foreign couples choose it as the setting for their wedding.
As Umbrian wedding photographers, we can only appreciate the grandeur of the churches and the hospitality that the city reserves for anyone wishing to get married here.

Laura and Nicola have chosen San Pietro, one of the most representative churches in Assisi, to celebrate their wedding. A happy choice also for us photographers!

San Pietro of Assisi and wedding photographs.

This church is one of the most appreciated by both couples and us wedding photographers and videographers. Its dimensions indeed allow us to move freely during the wedding ceremony without being noticed at all, which is also greatly appreciated by the celebrant.
In addition, its long nave, combined with the majestic staircase, grants the bride a truly emotional entrance, much to the delight of us photographers and videographers!

Emotions and wedding photographs in Assisi.

All the wedding photographers in our studio team have a special sensitivity for emotions. We know the importance that the photographs have for you on your wedding day and how precious they will be over time. A photograph that captures true emotions will make your heart beat strongly even after many years and will tell better than a thousand words the love that binds you today and will bind you tomorrow.

Wedding photographer Assisi - Umbria

Wedding photos in Assisi

After the religious ceremony at the church of San Pietro, we moved first to the Lower Plaza of San Francesco and then higher up, to a belvedere overlooking the Basilica of San Francesco di Assisi.
The day gave us magical moments under a light rain that we took advantage of in our favor. We were indeed able to take some really suggestive photos against the sun with the rain.
Taking advantage of the truly unique atmosphere, we were also able to capture some black and white photographs with the infrared camera.

Wedding reception at the Round Church of Spello

Shortly after, we were at the Round Church of Spello for the reception, a truly welcoming and well-maintained venue.
One of the peculiarities that fascinates us every time at the Round Church is the moment of cake cutting. The particular structure indeed allows for a truly evocative cake cutting, with the bride and groom visible to all the guests and surrounded by the arches of the entrance.
Even the first dance was very suggestive, with two fountains of fireworks celebrating the moment, and all the guests later unleashing themselves on the dance floor.

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