Fotografo di matrionio al Castello di Rosciano - Umbria

CASTELLO DI ROSCIANO wedding photographer


CASTELLO DI ROSCIANO wedding photographer

Wedding photographer at Castello di Rosciano – Umbria

In the green embrace of Umbria, a land of rolling hills and rich history, Castello di Rosciano stands as a millennial witness to unforgettable events. With its ancient charm, this manor has hosted the celebration of a unique and personal wedding, framed by the majestic view that sweeps from Perugia to Assisi. The ancient residence, rebuilt in the Lombard era and greatly expanded in the Middle Ages, has been lovingly restored, preserving its original majesty and now offering a dreamlike setting for wedding ceremonies. Imagine exchanging your vows in this historic place, surrounded by breathtaking views and the magical atmosphere that only a castle can offer.

Couple photos at sunset

The photographs taken in the surroundings of Castello di Rosciano, at sunset, capture the essence of an eternal love, framed by the timeless beauty of Umbria. These images will remain to testify to the magic of an unforgettable day, where nature and history blend together to celebrate the union of two hearts. The couple was excited, but we know how to create beautiful memories without being intrusive or pushy: it’s our specialty!

Wedding photographer at Castello di Rosciano - Umbria

The warm light of sunset in Umbria

The couple’s photoshoot, bathed in the golden light of the Umbrian sunset, offered a romantic and unforgettable backdrop. Captured near Castello di Rosciano, the newlyweds embraced in gestures of affection and exchanged knowing glances, creating magical moments that reflect their intimacy and deep love. These photographs tell a unique love story, capturing the essence of their union in the marvelous setting of Umbria.

The wedding celebration at Castello di Rosciano

The party then kicked off an evening of joy and sharing, with friends and family gathered in the heart of the castle. Amidst wild dancing, laughter, and toasts, the atmosphere was electrifying, testifying to the joy and union of two families. Castello di Rosciano was transformed into a place of memorable celebration, where every moment was lived intensely, leaving unforgettable memories for all those present.

Wedding photographer at Castello di Rosciano - Umbria

Wedding photographer at Castello di Rosciano – why choose us?

If your dream is to have a fairytale wedding in a castle, Castello di Rosciano offers everything you need to make your dream come true. And if you are looking for a photographer capable of capturing with sensitivity and mastery every emotion of your most beautiful day, do not hesitate to contact us.
Our experience and passion for wedding photography allow us to tell your love story in the most authentic and memorable way.

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